Community management is a fairly new position within the workforce.  Our job description is fairly vague and while some days we feel like glorified interns, other days confirm just how much we love our job.  Every once in a while, a group of us get together to learn from one another, share resources and increase the understanding and importance of our roles as community managers.

  • Create, interact with and connect our communities both internally and externally
  • Personify our brand/biz by being the voice on social and face in the community
  • Develop our company’s culture
  • Provide customer service: by being responsive, answering questions, turning negative feedback into a positive outcome via web/social- as consumers, we dig this.
  • Help create a common language within our community– learning how to automate and create a better experience for our users
  • Constantly communicating
  • Gather data and respond to it in a human way
  • Assume responsibility for office management and reception
  • Social media (for several accounts at once), marketing, social analytics, enhances SEO…

Blog Posts: Each meet a different CM steps up to host, creates the conversation and summarizes what was discussed.  If our bandwidth is low, slack is picked up by the rest of the team.  As long as we’re meeting, talking and sharing what we learn, our mission is accomplished.

Want to join us?  Email Sarah to get in the loop.



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